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Hi there! 


My name is Jen Smith, and I am certified as a Biblical Health Coach through the Certified Health Coach Institute. There I learned health and dietary theories from a Biblical worldview (sans the New Agey fluff) and had the privilege of learning from Jordan Rubin, PhD - New York Times Bestselling Author of the Maker’s Diet. 


Gut, blood sugar issues, and metabolic issues have affected our family and I became a health coach to help other moms like me who are struggling with similar imbalances. I help mom’s and their families learn to improve and reverse their conditions through education, empowerment and lifestyle change. 


As a mother of three myself, I know that your family’s health is so important. As nurturers, we are troubled when our children are sick. The best way to put our minds at ease, is to learn the health principles found in the Bible and discover how we can utilize them to improve and maintain our family’s health.


I want to share with you what I have learned along the way and serve as inspiration, so you too can become closer to God by deepening your understanding of his plan for health and your purpose in life.


It’s my passion to teach clients like you, how to take control of your health and provide the tools and resources to help you accomplish your health goals. 


Ready to dive in?

May God bless you in your healing journey!




Jennifer Smith, BHC



I have additional certifications in Biblical Naturopathy, Biblical Eating and Clinical Nutrition, Functional Nutrition, and a Diploma in Natural Health Consulting.



You will learn to trust in God's Word to improve your energy, eat better and move more efficiently for overall health and vitality.



Weight watchers never worked for me long-term, because I always felt hungry and never fully satisfied. Five years ago I switched to a fat fueled philosophy using the keto diet and I never wanted to go back. I got started with the keto diet by using it to improve and better manage my daughters health condition. I soon realized how effective it was for myself to be able to lose excess weight from past pregnancies. I can help you figure out how to implement a low-carb or ketogenic plan into your lifestyle easily and effectively to meet your weight loss goals or to improve overall health and lifestyle.

Why Work With Me?

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I utilize a naturopathic healing philosophy to help bring the body back into balance and improve system function. I use a functional medicine model of framework to help uncover the root cause and orthomolecular medicine and diet to improve function and remove blocks to allow the body to heal as God has designed it to do.



Why Biblical health?


Most natural health and alternative medicine philosophies have new-age thought, Eastern mysticism and other worldly ideologies intertwined within the healing practice.


This is dangerous to a Christian spiritually and can lead one away from Christ's teachings. With Biblical Health, we do as the Bible instructs which is to remain separate from these practices (John 17:15-17, 2Corinthians 6:14). Biblical health and Biblical naturopathy recognize Jesus's authority in healing.


We use whole foods, herbs, vitamins, minerals, rest, sleep, work, diet, exercise, cleansing in conjunction with prayer to fulfill our body's needs and bring about healing.



What is Naturopathy?


It is a distinct system of health care that addresses the root cause of illness and promotes health and healing through the use of natural therapies.


It can be summed up by the following concepts:

  • First do no harm
  • Identify the causes
  • Doctor as teacher
  • Treat the whole person
  • Emphasize prevention
  • Support the healing power of the body


What is orthomolecular medicine?


Orthomolecular medicine is the use of therapeutic amounts of the right nutrient for your individual needs. These nutrients include vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients required by the body.

My Approach To

Biblical Health